WIC Delhi (Women’s International Club)

How the magic began

The Women’s International Club, Delhi, was inaugurated in 1970 through the earnest efforts of 12 founder members from the Indian as well as international communities.
From its inception, WIC, as it is fondly called, was dedicated to promoting cultural and social interaction among the international and Indian women residing in Delhi and its immediate surroundings.
From its earliest years, WIC provided its members with programmes rich in glimpses of the culture, cuisines and art forms of various parts of India as well as, most importantly, of the countries from which our many international members hail. 
Indeed, it has been a tradition for our international members to regale us with musical performances from Indonesia, tea ceremonies from Japan, cultural presentations from China, classical music concerts from Germany, traditional Christmas celebrations from the British Isles, colourful dances from South America, art treasures from Russia and cultural traditions from regions of Africa. 
Every year the Club features panel discussions on current topics. The contributions of notable figures in public and government life, authors, doctors, artists, historians, lawyers, among others, have enriched these sessions and sparked lively debate.
Equally popular are the trips WIC organizes each year within India and often abroad. While learning about these renowned historical and cultural sites, members forge new bonds of friendship.
As the club matured, its institutions were firmly established to include a Constitution, Membership Directory and a regular roster of Circle Meetings on topics of interest. The monthly General Meetings bring the members together and it is at these that the social aspect of WIC blossoms. Members are treated to regional and international delicacies and the warmth of friendship. Indeed, many lifelong friendships are formed in the Women’s International Club, Delhi.
WIC celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020 and marked its ability to evolve by opening this webpage and offering some programmes on Zoom. A dynamic, affable, intellectually acute membership looks forward to the next 50 years and welcomes new members each year.
Peggy Sood 
1st April 2024 
(Past President -member since 1978)

Aims of the Club

The WIC Delhi works to foster friendship and mutual understanding between women of different nationalities.

The WIC Delhi contributes to the social and cultural development of women in general.

Who we are

The WIC Delhi was inaugurated in 1970 through the earnest efforts of 12 founder members from the Indian as well as international communities.