GM March 2023

GM April 2023

AGM 2023

GM October 2022

GM December 2022

GM February 2023

Varanasi trip 2022

GALA 2023

GM September 2022

Special Circle:
Eid ul Fitr, April 2023

Special Circle:
Muzaffar Ali, April 2023

Turkey Trip 2022

Around the World: India
through the photographic
memory of an expat, April 2023

World Festivals Circle:
Hungarian Easter Traditions,
April 2023

Book circle:
Archana Garodia Gupta,
April 2023

Textiles Circle: An introduction to the craft of Ajrakh by Khatri Abdul Jabar Mahmed,
March 2023

Gourmet Trail:
Burmese Cuisine,
March 2023

Special Circle:
The Beatles and India,
March 2023

Around the World Circle:
Israel, February 2023

Around the World Circle:Poland, March 2023

Book circle: On the Wings of Time
by Dr Kusum Ansal, March 2023

Around the World:
Kyrgyzstan, February 2023

Book circle: The Middle. Nayana Goradia in conversation with Lakshmi Chandra, February 2023

Wellness, Health & Fitness
Circle: The Vegan Experience, February 2023

Around the World Circle:
Korean Culture and Cuisine,
January 2023

Art and Crafts Circle:
Curated visit to an exhibition
of Glass Sculptures, January 2023

Textiles Circle:
Kavita Bhartia, February 2023

India and South East Asia
Circle: Kagzipura. Revival of A Handmade Paper Legacy,
January 2023

Textiles Circle:
Bangladesh Handloom,
January 2023

India and South East Asia
Circle: Chinese New Year,
January 2023

Book Circle:
Manju Kapur novelist,
January 2023

World Festivals Circle:
January 2023

World Festivals Circle:
January 2023

Textiles Circle: Tete-a-tete with fashion designer Raghavendra Rathore, December 2022

Book Circle:
Sukrita Paul Kumar,
poet and critic, December 2022

Around the World: Discover the Baha í House of Worship, The Lotus Temple, December 2022

Around the World Circle: Cossacks folk group Krynitsa, November 2022

Book Circle: Baniya Legacy
of Old Delhi Culture-n-cuisine,
November 2022

India and South East Asia
Circle: Nizamuddin Basti walk,
December 2022

Around the World: Senegalese Fashion Show, November 2022

Art and Crafts Circle:
The Ottoman Garden in
Turkish Tiles, November 2022

Textiles Circle:
The weaving traditions
of Benaras, November 2022

World Festivals: Deepavali,
October 2022

Special Circle: Defining cultural identity. At whose terms?
October 2022

India and South East Asia Circle:
A Tour of National Crafts Museum, November 2022

Book Circle: The Second Wife and Other Stories by Nandini C Sen, September 2022

Art and Crafts Circle:
Glove making in the city of
Grenoble, October 2022

Textiles Circle:
Lucknow's chikankari,
October 2022

Textiles Circle: Royal Fables, September 2022

Gourmet Trail: A Taste of the Mediterranean Cooking with Stevie, September 2022

World Festivals: Circle
Navarathri kolu, September 2022

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